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World leading carbon-metered parking tariff wins national environment award

12 March 2010 by Cobalt in News, Press Release

A groundbreaking initiative to link parking tariffs to vehicles’ CO2 emissions has secured the 2010 British Parking Environment Award for Richmond Council and Cobalt Telephone Technologies. The world’s first Carbon-Metered Parking tariff was launched by the Council using RingGo cashless parking technology.

Carbon-Metered parking tariffs have operated across the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, for on street parking and in Council-operated car parks, since October last year. Under the scheme, parking tariffs are set so low-emission vehicles gain a 60% discount on the standard charge with mid level emission vehicles being given a 20% discount.

In making the award, the judges commended both parties for their innovative approach and boldness in seeking to tackle such a major environmental issue through the use of everyday parking charges. While still early days for the scheme, there is clear evidence that motorists are already changing their behaviour, with an increase in the overall use of cashless parking and in the lowest emission category, particularly.

Commenting on the award, Councillor David Trigg, Cabinet Member for Traffic Transport and Parking on Richmond Council says: “Richmond Council is committed to improving the environment, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions is part of that commitment. We have taken a number of ground-breaking steps in our attempts to achieve this. It is pleasing to note that an estimated¬† 65% of people who park on our streets or in our car parks using the RingGo system have attracted the CO2 discount on the standard tariff for driving lower emission vehicles. Anecdotal evidence shows that consideration of the opportunity of a discounted lower tariff will influence future vehicle choice.

“The introduction of RingGo’s pay-by- phone system has the added benefit of reducing the amount of money in the machines, which contributes to the councils aim to design out the possibility of crime.

“Winning this national environment award for our Carbon-Metered parking scheme is great recognition for our efforts, which I sincerely hope will encourage other local authorities to follow suit.”

Harry Clarke, Commercial Director for Cobalt Telephone Technologies, the parent company of RingGo, adds: “RingGo has always sought to lead the market in terms of originality. Our aim is to address issues – whether they concern usability, security, or – in this case, the threat posed by global warming.

“It is hugely rewarding, both to work on such a ground breaking project and to receive public recognition for our efforts. We could not be more delighted.”

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