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RingGo Advanced Digital Parking Goes Live in Central Beds

RingGo’s end-to-end digital payment and enforcement solution launches this week in Central Bedfordshire.  Linking together machine-based cash payments, mobile phone parking, and enforcement via automatic number plate recognition, the solution provides Central Bedfordshire Council with stream-lined, entirely digital, parking and enforcement.

Through the advanced solution, every parking payment made, whether by phone or using coins, is recorded on a single database and held centrally by Cobalt Telephone Technologies.  When a motorist uses the pay and display machines, they enter the number plate of the vehicle being parked before receiving their ticket.  If they pay with RingGo pay by phone parking, the vehicle registration is also captured.

With information on the vehicle registration and duration captured for every session, data can be uploaded in real-time to Central Bedfordshire’s patrolling camera car.  As the vehicle drives around the car park, registrations are scanned, and the ANPR-derived data is combined with the recorded RingGo payment data.  A handheld tablet within the camera car sifts through the information, highlighting to the Civil Enforcement Officer which vehicles are unpaid or out of session.  These are then double checked by the CEO before a penalty charge notice is issued.

David Bowie, Head of Parking Services for Central Bedfordshire Council comments “When we looked at the time and cost involved in our outsourced “on foot” enforcement operation, we simply couldn’t justify it.  Members were strongly behind the decision to bring parking enforcement in-house and to automate it, in order to save the Council time and money.

“The advanced digital parking solution offered by RingGo offers the best of all worlds.  Members of the public can still pay at the point of sale, either by phone or at the machine, but the additional information we collect allows us to effectively patrol and police the car parks in a fraction of the time it would take on foot.”

Harry Clarke, Commercial Director for Cobalt Telephone Technologies agrees “The benefits of digital parking really come into their own with this type of solution.  It not only makes enforcement that much quicker, because you can quickly and easily see which vehicles have paid, but capturing every parking session means you have a wealth of information about the number and types of vehicles in your car parks too.

From information on real-time occupancy rates to the ability to offer automatic discounts, or promotions – the potential from advanced digital parking, is quite simply enormous.”

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