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Up to 60% off Parking for Milton Keynes’ Commuters

9 May 2012 by Cobalt in News, Press Release

Milton Keynes’ Council now offers two types of online RingGo parking permit, which provide up to 60 per cent discount on parking.  The RingGo Commuter Parking Permit commences on 9 May, enabling Milton Keynes’ residents to park for just £4.00 a day when they use the long-stay, on-street parking area near the station (RingGo zone 8672).  Monthly and yearly permits are also available, with 30 days parking costing £74.00 and a year’s cover, £888.00.

The new on-line commuter permits add to the Council’s existing RingGo Business Employee permits, which offer up to 60 per cent discount to people working in the town centre.  Motorists can apply for these permits via the internet and provide proof of residency or proof of employment electronically, as required.

Commuter permits and Business Employee permits are available either through myRingGo ( or through the Milton Keynes’ Council ( website.  Motorists simply complete the forms and once the application is approved, call the special RingGo permit number (0843 209 00 88) when they wish to park.  Online payments can also be made via the myRingGo website.  No physical permit is required in the vehicle, as payments and permits are checked using the mobile phone number and vehicle registration details provided.

Offering parking permits on-line speeds up the process for both employees and the Council.  Instead of having to visit the Milton Keynes’ Parking Shop with physical proof, applications, authorisation and set up are all completed via the internet.  Money is also saved by the Council as there is no need to print and distribute physical permits or scratchcards.

Sara Bailey, Parking Strategy and Implementation Manager for Milton Keynes, comments: “As a Council, we want to recognise and reward Milton Keynes’ residents and those that park regularly in our town centre.  Offering a substantial parking discount to those that live within, or are loyal, to our town obviously fulfils that need.

“We’re also keen to improve Council operations and in this day and age, forcing people to visit our Parking Shop during office hours, when they are happy to do business via the internet, seems rather wasteful.  As a Council, we save time and money dealing with applications on-line; and motorists benefit from a quicker, easier process too.”

Joanna Miller, CEO for Cobalt Telephone Technologies agrees.  “We’re seeing substantial interest in on-line and digital parking services and it’s really not surprising.  When everyday lives are so busy, it’s expecting a lot for someone to take time out of work to travel to, and then perhaps queue, at the Council Offices for a parking permit.  For some, even with a 60 per cent discount, their time is so precious that they simply don’t bother.

“With these new digital offerings, applying for a parking permit is easy.  You simply fill in the form and provide proof electronically any time of night or day, from the comfort of your home.  Once approval is given, you phone up to pay when you need to.  With parking enforcement carried out digitally, there’s no need for physical permits or paper storing either.”

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